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IRIS CC1 Balustrade System

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Length: 4000mm

With functional and aesthetical simplicity at the forefront of the design – created a profile that truly offers rapid installation with the quality anodised aluminium finish you can expect from Forte Pespa.

The IRIS C1 and CC1 are a multifunctional track system that can be used for top mount or side mount (with flashing for side mount)

Pricing Includes: Capping profile with the Product code: 950-3752


Data Sheet Drawings

Product Description

  • FINISH: Anodized Aluminium
  • MAIN MATERIAL: Aluminium
  • Fitting Method: Side Mount
  • INFILL: Heavy aluminium track system for loadings of 1.5kN/m –THICKNESS: Glass ,17.5mm-21.5 mm
  • LENGTH: 4 Metres

Pricing Includes: Capping profile with the Product code: 950-3752


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Toughened Glass

10mm Toughened Glass
12mm Toughened Glass
15mm Toughened Glass
19mm Toughened Glass

Laminated & Toughened Glass

11.5mm Toughened & Laminated Glass
13.5mm Toughened & Laminated Glass
17.5mm Toughened & Laminated Glass
21.5mm Toughened & Laminated Glass
25.5mm Toughened & Laminated Glass

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Pre Mitred Corner Joint for Frameless Balustrade System

Pre-Mitred Corner Joint

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